[sl4] Types of unfriendly AI

From: Alexei Turchin (alexeiturchin@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Apr 24 2009 - 04:27:21 MDT

Types of unfriendly AI

Generally, it is necessary to distinguish 4 main types of unfriendly AI:

a) AI, which has one of the subgoals explicitly hostile to human (e.g., AI,
which converts the whole solar system in computronium for calculation of the
number pi, and for this to destroy humanity.)

b) AI causing harm to a person by the "folly" - that is, not understanding
that it is harmful. (robot removes all round objects out of the room,
including a head of a man, or AI which sends all the people of Paradise.)

c) AI, which is a world governor and controls Earth, and then there happens
a software failure, and all control is severely disrupted. (The crisis of
complexity, or viral idea, or division by zero.)

d) And of course, the conflict between the two friendly AI. (But with
different system of subgoals.) E.g.: conflict of ideologies during the Cold
War, or religious war.

Or more?

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