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> A long blog post discussing issues relevant to transhumanism, the
> singularity and naturalistic meta-ethics:
> Which will hopefully be of interest to SL4 readers

Some thoughts and observations.

"The non-existence of external, objective moral standards"

True, but there are consequences in following one moral standard over
another with the ultimate consequence being extinction. The choice
ultimately boils down to 'existence' vs. 'non-existence'.

In the words of Valentin Turchin:

“Let us think about the results of following different ethical teachings in
the evolving universe. [...] No one can act against the laws of nature.
Thus, ethical teachings which contradict the plan of evolution [...] will be
erased from the memory of the world. [...] Thus, only those [ethical]
teachings which promote realization of the plan of evolution have a chance
of success.” --- Valentin Turchin, The Phenomenon of Scince (V. F. Turchin
1977, sec.Ethics and Evolution)

I find that established moral philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and Arthur
Schopenhauer are conspicuously absent from the current state of friendly AI
debate (with the notable exception of the thoughts of Mark Waser).

For my take on how evolutionary philosophy can inform our choice of one
moral teaching over another please see my blog post entitled 'Reconciling
Kant and Schopenhauer' that can be found at

Comments welcome.


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