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Date: Sat Mar 07 2009 - 22:49:49 MST

On Sat, 07 Mar 2009 "Charles Hixson"
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> define, df. To set boundaries around.
> To limit a term to a certain area
> of coverage. From the latin fine,
> a fence or boundary.

If I already knew what “define” meant there would no point in asking you
to define “define”; if I didn’t know what the word meant I would never
ask you to define “define”. If I didn’t know what the word klognee meant
I wouldn’t ask you to klognee “klognee” and it wouldn’t be very
illuminating to me even if you did klognee “klognee” because the phrase
would be no more meaningful than a burp. A definition of definition is
really stupid; stuff like that could give dictionaries a bad name.

Instead you could point at a dog and say “that is a quadruped because it
has 4 legs and explanations like that are called definitions”. Without
examples it’s all just a bunch of ASCII squiggles “defining” each other
and round and round we go.

 John K Clark

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