Re: [sl4] In praise of the sacrosante Original(TM)

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Wed Mar 04 2009 - 04:19:09 MST

> So you obsess over perfection, fine, but do you obsess over The High
> Holy Original as He is now or after He has had a sip of coffee? Do you
> obsess about how The Holy One is now or how He was a tenth of a
> femtosecond ago, or how He will be a tenth of a femtosecond from now?

If the difference between the original and the copy is comparable to
drinking a cup of coffee (or taking a night's sleep, or whatever
reasonable standard), then your point stands. But the road to getting
to that level of copying perfection is long, and highly imperfect
copies will be the norm for most of it.

Stuart (copy 1005873)

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