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Of course there is consciousness... right?


It is not some magical property of the human brain (well, it can be considered one because we are ignorant of why we are conscious and what it is, but as Elzier as said before, a unknown point on a map doesn't mean there is an unknown region of space (paraphrasing of course)). Consciousness exists but why would we think it is something magical and doesn't have a physical basis? I can't decide to jump outside of my body at look at myself and say, gee wizz, there I am typing this message and jump back in... the very message itself is just a bunch of concepts raddling around in my brain and the text on this screen is pixels on a computer monitor... of course I am conscious but that doesn't mean that it isn't just another physical property of the universe like everything else... all of my reason points to the fact that it is just a bunch of chemical reactions and physical structure. What else would it be if it weren't physical?


For example, you type look HERE and all I see four letters that are bolded and are configured in a certain pattern... what is so magical about consciousness? I just don't get it.


-Justin Benedict,
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> > If at instance x I copy of me is created while at the same
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> Here we go again. This is only a hard question if you insist there is such a thing as a consciousness.
> -- Matt Mahoney,

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