Re: [sl4] Rolf's gambit revisited

From: Peter de Blanc (
Date: Mon Jan 05 2009 - 22:05:35 MST

Mike Dougherty wrote:
> re: "You could write a program which simulates every possible program"
> No I can't. I am mostly certain that you can't either.
> We have devised some means to categorically deal with situations that
> are beyond countability.

Mike, there are only countably-many programs, so you can just enumerate
them. You could spend the first tick on program 1 (P1 for short), then
spend a tick on P2 and one on P1, then P3, P2, P1, then P4, P3, P2, P1,
etc. This way you can simulate every program with a quadratic slowdown.

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