Re: [sl4] giant planets ignation - one more existential risk

From: Petter Wingren-Rasmussen (
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 07:25:05 MST

As far as I understand the question the risk is definitely questionable, and
OT too for this mailinglist.

However, lets assume its a real risk - wouldnt it be (relatively) easy to
solve by detonating Jupiter while its on on the opposite side of the sun
from earth? The first blastwave would hit the sun and after that it would
just be a second sun for some period of time.

This is wild speculations on my part - my astronomical knowledge is pretty
much based on popular science books.

On 12/11/08, Stuart Armstrong <> wrote:
> Side-stepping the probabilities issues, two points:
> 1) What are exactly the risks involved here? Having a brief second sun
> in the sky wouldn't cause much in terms of permanent damage to the
> planet. Even a longer lasting Jupiter detonation will cause major
> ecocological damage, but will be survivable.
> 2) If the risk is of a deliberate detonation as an act of war, or
> terrorism, then we needn't bother much; we should be working on the
> political or surveillance situation for the human species, as I don't
> see how a detonation of Jupiter would be more of a risk than the other
> weapons people will have develloped in the meantimes.
> Stuart

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