Re: [sl4] Comparative Advantage Doesn't Ensure Survival

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Mon Dec 01 2008 - 04:12:48 MST

>> Resources aside, killing agents that might compete with you (including by
>> building another AGI with different goals) is a convergent subgoal.
>> npt
> Certainly it would be possible to design AIs with such goals. I think it
> would be rather silly to do so, however.

Killing humans is not the big risk - lethal indifference to humans is
the big risk.

> Also, there are excellent reasons to suspect than any successful AI would
> choose satisficing over maximizing. The maximal condition, e.g., is
> excessively difficult to achieve, so one would spend all ones effort
> controlling resources rather than achieving ones more central goals.

Not strictly reassuring; when the cost of killing off all humans drops
significantly below the gain of using all human-owned ressources, then
the satisficing solution is to kill us all.

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