Re: [sl4] How much do languages matter for AGI programming?

From: Martin Sawitzki (
Date: Fri Nov 28 2008 - 12:24:41 MST

As long as its turing complete....

I guess Lisp/arc are good candidates, but also Java might be ok, depending on how complex the actual design gets.

Developing the right language is just another subproblem of the whole AI business. When the theory is done you have a far better understanding what your language should be able to do.

Just my 1,55cent

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> On Nov 28, 2008, at 6:36 AM, Edward Miller wrote:
> > MapReduce does sound like a good idea. It is open source, and this
> > has allowed people to port it to Java.
> MapReduce is designed to solve a very specific kind of problem, and
> using it for anything outside of that scope is going to be a waste of
> time relative to alternatives. I have never seen significant evidence
> that AGI might be a MapReduce-optimal problem, and so using MapReduce
> would probably be a bad idea since it generalizes poorly.
> > We need to find the best language.
> Even if I accepted that there was a quasi-objective "best" language,
> which I do not, you have not defined the problem the language would be
> applied to well enough to demonstrate a language's "best"-ness. You
> can't simply assert "best"-ness, so what are the specific metrics that
> prove optimality of a language for AGI purposes that we can use to
> evaluate the claim?
> > Would you want an AGI that is prone to buffer overflows? These sorts
> > of problems can make the AGI very vulnerable to hacking,
> > malfunction, or complete failure. I am assuming it would be best to
> > implement the most rock-solid language(s) possible.
> This is a programmer problem, not a language problem.
> What language do you think these "rock-solid language(s)", libraries,
> and operating systems were implemented in by mortal programmers?
> Throwing problems over walls do not make problems go away. Not taking
> responsibility for a problem is not the same as solving the problem.
> Cheers,
> J. Andrew Rogers

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