[sl4] Uploading into a deterministic sim vs Many worlds.

From: John K Clark (johnkclark@fastmail.fm)
Date: Mon Oct 27 2008 - 09:37:23 MDT

On Sun, 26 Oct 2008 "William Pearson"
<wil.pearson@gmail.com> said:

> Let us say you believe in many worlds and you had been
> offered the chance to upload into a deterministic
> simulation to live forever [blah blah] should you upload?

I don’t see the point of this thought experiment. If many worlds is
right then in one world you will decide, that is to say calculate, to
upload. In another world you will decide not to upload. The word
“should” just doesn’t enter into it.

And the computer that runs your “deterministic simulation” must exist in
a deterministic world; that means the same initial conditions always
produce the exact same outcome, so the world never splits at all. So why
even bring many worlds into it?

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