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Date: Tue Sep 02 2008 - 06:13:38 MDT

Quoting Joshua Fox <joshua@joshuafox.com>:

> Hi folks,
> Singularity Summit 2008 is now open for registration at
> http://ww.singularitysummit.com
> Please do promote this on your blogs, etc., to anyone who might be
> interested.
> A press release follows.
> Joshua
> Intel CTO and Ray Kurzweil Among Visionaries Headlining Singularity Summit
> 2008: Opportunity, Risk, Leadership
> Singularity Summit 2008: Opportunity, Risk, Leadership takes place October
> 25 at the intimate Montgomery Theater in San Jose, CA, the Singularity
> Institute for Artificial Intelligence announced today. Now in its third
> year, the Singularity Summit gathers the smartest people around to explore
> the biggest idea of our time: the Singularity.
> Keynotes will include Ray Kurzweil, updating his predictions in *The
> Singularity is Near*, and Intel CTO Justin Rattner, who will examine the
> Singularity's plausibility. At the Intel Developer Forum on August 21, 2008,
> he explained why he thinks the gap between humans and machines will close by
> 2050. "Rather than look back, we're going to look forward 40 years," said
> Rattner. "It's in that future where many people think that machine
> intelligence will surpass human intelligence."
> "The acceleration of technological progress has been the central feature of
> this century," said computer scientist Dr. Vernor Vinge in a seminal paper
> in 1993. "We are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life
> on Earth. The precise cause of this change is the imminent creation by
> technology of entities with greater than human intelligence."
> Singularity Summit 2008 will feature an impressive lineup:
> - *Dr. Ruzena Bajcsy*, pioneering AI and robotics researcher
> - *Dr. Eric Baum*, AI researcher, author of *What is Thought?*
> - *Marshall Brai*n, founder of HowStuffWorks.com, author of *Robotic
> Nation*
> - *Dr. Cynthia Breazeal*, robotics professor at MIT, creator of Kismet
> - *Dr. Peter Diamandis*, chair and CEO of X PRIZE Foundation
> - *Esther Dyson*, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist
> - *Dr. Pete Este*p, chair and CSO of Innerspace Foundation
> - *Dr. Neil Gershenfeld*, director of MIT Center for Bits and Atoms,
> author of *Fab*
> - *Dr. Ben Goertzel*, CEO of Novamente, director of research at SIAI
> - *John Horgan*, science journalist, author of *The Undiscovered Mind*
> - *Ray Kurzweil*, CEO of Kurzweil Technologies, author of *The
> Singularity is Near*
> - *Dr. James Miller*, author of forthcoming book on Singularity economics
> - *Dr. Marvin Minsky*, one of AI's founding fathers, author of* The
> Emotion Machine*
> - *Dr. Dharmendra Modha*, cognitive computing lead at IBM Almaden
> Research Center
> - *Bob Pisani*, news correspondent for financial news network CNBC
> - *Justin Rattner*, VP and CTO of Intel
> - *Nova Spivack*, CEO of Radar Networks, creator of Twine semantic-web
> application
> - *Peter Thiel*, president of Clarium, managing partner of Founders Fund
> - *Dr. Vernor Vinge*, author of original paper on the technological
> Singularity
> - *Eliezer Yudkowsky*, research fellow at SIAI, author of *Creating
> Friendly AI*
> - *Glenn Zorpette*, executive editor of IEEE Spectrum
> Registration details are available at
> http://www.singularitysummit.com/registration/.
> *About the Singularity Summit*
> Each year, the Singularity Summit attracts a unique audience to the Bay
> Area, with visionaries from business, science, technology, philanthropy, the
> arts, and more. Participants learn where humanity is headed, meet the people
> leading the way, and leave inspired to create a better world. "The
> Singularity Summit is the premier conference on the Singularity," Kurzweil
> said. "As we get closer to the Singularity, each year's conference is better
> than the last."
> The Summit was founded in 2006 by long-term philanthropy executive Tyler
> Emerson, inventor Ray Kurzweil, and investor Peter Thiel. Its purpose is to
> bring together and build a visionary community to further dialogue and
> action on complex, long-term issues that may transform the world. Its host
> organization is the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a
> 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization studying the benefits and risks of advanced
> artificial intelligence systems.
> Singularity Summit 2008 partners include Clarium Capital, Cartmell Holdings,
> Twine, Powerset, United Therapeutics, KurzweilAI.net, IEEE Spectrum, DFJ, X
> PRIZE Foundation, Long Now Foundation, Foresight Nanotech Institute,
> Novamente, SciVestor, Robotics Trends, and MINE.
> Contacts
> Singularity Summit
> Tyler Emerson, 650-353-6063
> Curator
> emerson@singularitysummit.com

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