Re: [sl4] Unlikely singularity?

From: Joseph Henry (
Date: Thu Aug 07 2008 - 13:11:49 MDT

Yeah, I sometimes doubt the inevitability of any type of singularity
happening. Although not for technical reasons (as I think they are
technically possible)... However, the majority of the time I almost view
their inevitability as a given.

Under my definition, I include the genesis of a lifeform (in a
progress-friendly environment) as part of a singularity, now... as far as
that singularity goes is entirely up to the lifeform which eventually
assumes control of it.

So instead of thinking of whether we will "make it to" a singularity I tend
to think more along the lines of "how far will this singularity keep going?"

But speaking of a singularity as a shift from our involuntary biological
underpinnings to a completely deliberate form... I think it will happen in
this century... And I look forward to participating.

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