Re: [sl4] What is the probability of a positive singularity?

From: B Ziomek (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2008 - 04:59:28 MDT

In that case I'll break it down, all in the case that a positive singularity
does, in fact, occur:

Physic humans with minimal upgrades or direct uploads: I'd say that if a
singularity of any kind does occur there will be some intelligences left
which are regonizable in cognizance. Whether existing in a sandbox
simulating the current world or fleeing the inner system, who knows, but I
find it extremely unlikely that any AI wouldn't want to keep at least a few
of its creators around, at least in a stored form for study.I may be making
a dangerous assumption here, but it seems unlikely that a logical being
would destroy something that may come in useful in the future in exchange
for a comparatively miniscule amount of storage space (heck at worst our
genome is what, 5 MB? at least the plans to make a human would be seemingly
guaranteed to survive and singularity).

But beyond this, how much will our true successors resemble today's
humanity? I think it's impossible to make a concrete guess, but that the
lower boundary of similarity is pretty far away.Uploaded humans will just be
emulations of running on vastly superior hardware. As anyone who's ever run
a hardware emulator on a modern computer knows, the amount of processing
power it takes is usually far larger than the processing power the hardware
being emulated had, and hence the process is very inefficient. At the very
least the uploaded humans would modify themselves to execute more natively
on whatever hardware exists, and once the self-tampering starts, when will
it stop?


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