Re: [sl4] Re: Property rights

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Tue Jul 15 2008 - 01:29:18 MDT

Stuart writes

> One of those universals was the threat of violence, and the related
> need for government.
> ....
> So the best guess we can make as to what the smartest government would
> be like, is to take the smartest governments we have now (liberal
> demoracies with large governments), and extrapolate SLIGHTLY. It won't
> be a very good guess, but it'll probably be the best one we have.

Does the baby-sitter allow the little children to set the rules?
What have you got against benevolent dictatorships if they
really are benevolent?


>> THEN, if we have any say in the matter right now (which
>> we probably won't have), would it be better or worse for
>> that Intelligence to allow complete freedom of resource usage
>> (up to, but, realistically, not including threats to itself)?
> I'd say that it probably is worse, simply because if there is an ideal
> system of government (say a minarchy), then the AI should be imposing
> it (at least initially), rather than letting humans struggle to figure
> out what it is. (model for this: set down an amendable consitution).

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