[sl4] Volunteers needed for SIAI summer research project

From: Anna Salamon (annasalamon@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jul 14 2008 - 12:11:45 MDT

Call for Volunteers for SIAI Summer Research Project

A goal of our SIAI Summer Research Project is to produce a probabilistic
model of future scenarios involving AGI growth and existential risk.
Ideally we would like to have a way of sharing such models with a broader
community, and inviting comments on our model, in a collaborative Web
application that combines the functionality of both a Bayesian net and a
wiki, and that allows end-users to tune model parameters and interactively
see the results of their tuning. Currently we know of no existing solution
that does what we need in this regard. We would like one or more programming
volunteers to assist with:

1. Helping to research whether an existing solution exists; and,

2. Helping to configure such a solution, if it exists, or

3. Helping to implement a new solution, if no existing off-the-shelf
software meets
our needs.

We would also like people with math/stats background to help us set up the
model: microeconomics, Bayesian time series modeling, or other math modeling
background would be particularly helpful. People with background in social
sciences models and futurism, especially around AI, IA, MNT, or other
technologies would also be helpful.

If you are willing to step forward and help, please send an email to
(address) and include:

1. Your resume, or a brief description of your qualifications

2. How many hours you have available to help during July and August of this

Much of the work is being done in Palo Alto, so you might also mention
whether you're in the Bay Area and whether you might be interested in
visiting. We can buy plane tickets etc. for collaborators in some cases.

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