Re: [sl4] End to violence and government

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 - 17:10:00 MDT

Pardon me for jumping in, but Bryan writes

> Most of the ai scenarios that I remember reading in the literature,
> the ones that sounded like ai domnination takeover scenarios, involved
> computer hacking and the 'illegal' downloading of information, and yet
> here we see that it's supposed to obey such copyrights and property
> rights and individual rights and whatever else? That's a peculiar
> contradiction, but I'm just pointing this out. It's not the big issue
> at stake here.

An "AI domination takeover scenario" of the kind I think that
you have been reading about need be neither at one extreme
or the other. Indeed, it may hack into other computers in a
(Western technically illegal, or world immoral) fashion, and
maybe likewise "illegally or immorally" download certain
protected information, but that could be merely its means
to an end: It *could* be, couldn't it, that after having taken
over, it institutes a near perfect system for various rights
according to civilized standards, only exempting itself.
This is the very, very old idea of a benevolent dictatorship,

There need be nothing contradictory in that kind of scenario.
So what if we might consider it "unprincipled" at one point,
but then, after it's got power, "very principled (but selfish
about control)". Certain non-totalitarian dictators were like
that, e.g. Franco and Pinochet, who were all in favor of
people having private property, good education, and total
freedom, with the sole exception that they got to imprison
and torture anyone who threatened their monopoly on
control (i.e. "who was in charge").


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