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From: Martin Sawitzki (
Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 - 08:25:21 MDT

> >> So first we need an analog of what government would be needed
> >> for in possible far-future scenarios, as I asked for in a previous
The ability to govern is linked to the speed of communcation and armies. The early US was already a stretch to that.
Since the solar system allows fast communication. (did anyone adapt a tcp/ip protocoll for communication with mars yet?) but slow movement the ability to govern ppl. against their will would decline. If you combine that with way faster thinking then the goverment would be really small, or really limited.

Since an AI, or a higher intelligence is far better able to choose a useful form of association the result might be a very limited goverment. My bet is on the free assocation of ppl. without any superior instance at all.

> > What need would there be for government or economics when
> > everything is free and happiness knows no bounds?

Dont confuse free with really really cheap.
Internet is very affordable and even "free" in some places, but still someone has to pay the bill for equipment and mainainance. If you dont pay yourself its usually the taxpayer.

My guess is that many think become really really cheap under the singularity, but never completely free. Just some cheap stuff might not be worth billing it.

Another good exmple is computer power. I buy my equipment in the supermarket and get more power than the whole Apollo Missions had, still i have to pay real money for it.

The laws of economics dont break down, just because your smarter, faster or more strong. Same as the laws of physics.



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