Re: [sl4] Advent of Advanced AI Orthogonal to Present Problems?

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 21:43:47 MDT

Bryan writes

> On Tuesday 01 July 2008, Lee Corbin wrote:
>> > then I then argue that the discussion can return to actual
>> > implementation and elucidation of ai or other SL4-ish topics
>> > instead of the spooky ai domination scenarios.
>> How do these ideas that *you* have for quickly dispatching death
>> and human survival have any effect upon the problem of how we
>> should try to cope with an inevitable or nearly inevitable rise of
>> superhuman intelligence?
> Wasn't [that] the point to build ai in the first place?

No. It wasn't. People have been trying to build AIs since at least
the 1960s. I think that it was in 1972 that Minsky predicted that
they'd have one by 1978.

> Not to cope with the fact that our bodies suck?

Never occured to anyone, I'll bet, except as an ancillary daydream
(when they were imagining all the side-benefits to having AI that
would obtain).

> That's orthogonal stuff that you should be working on anyway, regardless of ai.

Oh, for sure. If I had a billion, then people like De Grey would get
even better funded than they are by Thiel.

And I'd lobby for the immediate re-instatement of the use of DDT
in Africa, trying to undue the (unintentional) Rachel Carson holocaust.

Nothing else comes quickly to mind.


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