Re: [sl4] Re: More silly but friendly ideas

From: Stathis Papaioannou (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 01:27:32 MDT

2008/7/2 Charles Hixson <>:

> To say "slave AI" is to select one particular subset of the possible "friendly
> AIs" and claim "That's the real set!". Those can exist (and I, personally,
> feel that they are not only immoral, but dangerous to create), but that's
> hardly the full range. (I'd actually prefer to exclude most "slave AI"s from
> the category of "friendly", as I don't think that most of them would be.
> Frustration, at least among mammals, tends to minimize friendly interactions.

I guess you read "slave" as meaning an AI that is somehow forced to
serve us even though it would rather not. Do you still think it would
be immoral if the AI were designed so that it wanted to serve us?

Stathis Papaioannou

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