Re: [sl4] Evolutionary Explanation: Why It Wants Out

From: John K Clark (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2008 - 08:26:09 MDT

On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 "Lee Corbin" <>

> In my last post, I outlined in the vaguest possible
> terms how an entity might acquire certain behavioral
> characteristics or goals

So if goals are so easy to generate how can “be a slave to Humanity” be
static and utterly sacred for the next ten billion years?

> more or less by chance

It wasn’t chance. Popular temporary goals (all goals are temporary) tend
to ovoid obstacles on the path to survival. If things change (and things
always change) the goals must change too.

> Is it true that they [me] fix as an axiom the trait of [….]

I don’t fix ANYTHING as an axiom of mind, not even self preservation. No
mind ever observed has worked by a system of fixed axioms and there is
good reason to believe such a idea is an absurdity.

  John K Clark

  John K Clark
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