Re: [sl4] Is there a model for RSI?

From: Vladimir Nesov (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2008 - 13:30:39 MDT

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 7:10 PM, J. Andrew Rogers
<> wrote:
> The focus should have been on the very first line, since that had no
> ambiguity: Exactly how does a machine output a copy of itself (with or
> without the counter)?

I see the ambiguity in the original assertion now (when it is taken
out of context), but it also resolves into a correct assertion,
especially considering the point that he was attacking. What do you
mean by this last question? Very likely you know what a quine program
is[*], so I guess you mean some other fine distinction in the terms
and are being smug about it ( ).

A quine in C:

Vladimir Nesov

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