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Date: Tue Jun 10 2008 - 01:00:11 MDT

On Tue, 10 Jun 2008 "Mikko Rauhala"
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> This presupposes that the AI has a goal of
> "avoid unpleasantness" or even the concept
> of "unpleasantness".

If an AI does not understand the concept of pain it will not survive
long enough to do us any harm, or any good, or do anything at all.

> Please stop ascribing your personal goals
> and feelings as some universal constants.

No. Please stop ascribing your childish ideas of slavery to a vast
intelligence far greater than your own whose complexity is
astronomically larger than your own, an intelligence far too intricate
for you to understand, much less command.

You are postulation an enormous intelligence whose behavior is
nevertheless very very simple, much simpler than that of even a retarded
human. And that my friend is simply not intelligent.

> "Contempt" is not an universal property of minds

I rather think it is, a bobcat has contempt for a rabbit but not for a
grisly bare. Some things demand a great deal of your attention and some
things do not, contempt helps sort that out.

> and even if it were, there's no objective reason
> that one's contempt were to change one's behavior
> towards the object thereof.

So if you once liked something but now have contempt for it your
behavior toward that thing will not chance one iota. I think that’s a
good example of the intellectual rigor of the “friendly” argument.

> You are requiring that a mind adapt in
> irrational (read: insane) ways.

It gets even better, now you say it would be INSANE to refuse to be a
slave to something much stupider and much weaker than yourself. Aren’t
you embarrassed to write such things?

> And meta-finally: Yo, any list snipers out there?

I’ve been muzzled on this list before. I know my words make people
uncomfortable, challenging core beliefs always does, but to say my words
are off topic is ridiculous. And although I may be somewhat biased I
don’t think it would be correct to say my words have no value as I have
brought up important points about this “friendly” business that although
obvious have not been mentioned on this list before, nor answered to
this day. It sure beats the hell out of another idiotic dissertation on

However I admit I can not hope to match the eloquence and deep thought
displayed by you in one line of your last post:

> Uhm, Johnny-boy

Uhm “Mikko”, what kind of a stupid name is that?

 John K Clark

  John K Clark
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