Re: Slow-fast singularity

From: Matt Mahoney (
Date: Sat May 10 2008 - 11:43:15 MDT

--- Krekoski Ross <> wrote:

> any AI can therefore really only at most, assimilate the complexity of
> sum of all human knowledge. Without the ability to meaningfully interact
> with its environment and effectively assimilate information that is
> otherwise external to the sum of human knowledge, it will plateau.

The effect of language, writing, and the internet is to transform 10^10
humans each with 10^9 bits of knowledge [1] into a single AI with 10^18
bits of knowledge (assuming 90% sharing). If the AI only received input
from humans, then this would be as far as we go. However, machines can
have sensors that record information far faster than the few bits per
second that limit human long term memory [1].

Would this additional knowledge give an AI a competitive advantage? I
believe it would. Our cognitive limits will not allow us to recognize the
value of this additional knowledge. I believe an AI with more knowledge
than the entire human race could possibly know would be outside our
control and would appear to have godlike powers.


-- Matt Mahoney,

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