Re: Bound unhappiness below (was Re: What if there's an expiration date?)

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Wed May 07 2008 - 03:40:31 MDT

You own utility and the utility you have regarding others are quite
different things. And the pain I was thinking of was along the lines
of "hideous torture" rather than "some shortness of breath, combined
with the grim satisfaction that you are doing something worthy".

2008/5/5 Matt Mahoney <>:
> > I'd suggest setting up utility so that pain caused to someone counts
> > more than equivalent benefits provided to another. As the quantity of
> > pain increases, the negative utility would increase much faster. Make
> > the limit huge (or maybe even infinite), and this should solve the
> > problems with most discount rates directly.
> So I shouldn't exercise because I might be a little uncomfortable?

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