Re: AGI investment (Re: What are "AGI-first'ers" expecting AGI will teach us about FAI?)

From: Stuart Armstrong (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2008 - 02:33:13 MDT

> That said, the relative price offered will be a function of the agreed
> valuable assets (money or goods) availabled to be traded, the value of that
> which is to be produced to those who wish to receive it, and the cost to
> produce it. The cost for many items we value will fall rapidly toward zero
> given MNT. AGIs competing to trade for values held by humans or simply
> benevolent to humans are unlikely to charge exorbitant prices for things
> cheap and easy to produce.

Precisely. But anything not covered by ethical considerations (say the
moons of Saturn) are likely to be used by the AGI as resources, to the
maximum of possible efficiency. That's why getting the ethical
dimensions of the AGI is so important. If the AGI sees cows or apes as
a pure resource (see previous thread), then they will probably be
wiped out very fast.


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