Instead of an AGI Textbook

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Mar 25 2008 - 17:46:24 MDT

Hi all,

A lot of students email me asking me what to read to get up to speed on AGI.

So I started a wiki page called "Instead of an AGI Textbook",

Unfortunately I did not yet find time to do much but outline a table
of contents there.

So I'm hoping some of you can chip in and fill in some relevant
hyperlinks on the pages
I've created ;-)

For those of you too lazy to click the above link, here is the
introductory note I put on the wiki page:


I've often lamented the fact that there is no advanced undergrad level
textbook for AGI, analogous to what Russell and Norvig is for Narrow

Unfortunately, I don't have time to write such a textbook, and no one
else with the requisite knowledge and ability seems to have the time
and inclination either.

So, instead of a textbook, I thought it would make sense to outline
here what the table of contents of such a textbook might look like,
and to fill in each section within each chapter in this TOC with a few
links to available online resources dealing with the topic of the

However, all I found time to do today (March 25, 2008) is make the
TOC. Maybe later I will fill in the links on each section's page, or
maybe by the time I get around it some other folks will have done it.

While nowhere near as good as a textbook, I do think this can be a
valuable resource for those wanting to get up to speed on AGI concepts
and not knowing where to turn to get started. There are some available
AGI bibliographies, but a structured bibliography like this can
probably be more useful than an unstructured and heterogeneous one.

Naturally my initial TOC represents some of my own biases, but I trust
that by having others help edit it, these biases will ultimately "come
out in the wash.

Just to be clear: the idea here is not to present solely AGI material.
Rather the idea is to present material that I think students would do
well to know, if they want to work on AGI. This includes some AGI,
some narrow AI, some psychology, some neuroscience, some mathematics,


-- Ben

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