Re: Mindless Thought Experiments

From: Mike Dougherty (
Date: Thu Mar 06 2008 - 07:08:50 MST

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 1:34 AM, Krekoski Ross <>

> We dont have a clue about consciousness in non-human entities (animals
> etc) and where on the tree of life we want to draw a cut-off point, but we
> can be conservative and set an upper lower bound. Since the human genome has
> approx 3x10^9 base pairs (of which each pair has 4 states), about 6x10^9
> bits. or 6Gbits. While the human brain holds significantly more information
> than 6Gbits, it could be argued that the brain itself is a recursive fractal
> generated by some subset of the 6Gbit base pair 'program' we have in our
> DNA.

I think Greg Egan does an excellent job with this concept. I highly
recommend reading this (free online excerpt):

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