Humanity-Friendly AGI [was OpenCog Concerns]

From: Mike Dougherty (
Date: Tue Mar 04 2008 - 07:39:19 MST

On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 1:49 AM, Jeff Herrlich <>

> It's probably a safe assumption that virtually all humans would prefer
> that humanity wasn't murdered by an amoral AGI. We can use reasonable
> eliminations to provide basic guidance. As a matter of reality, there will
> always be a minority of people who will inevitably disagree with the
> selected Friendly super-goal. This is inescapable. If we don't assign a
> specific Friendly super-goal, humanity will be destroyed by default.

How much of humanity would you (plural/non-specific/rhetorical) recognize if
you were the last representative of your kind?

Suppose you are cryopreserved throughout the mass uploading of
consciousness, or lost in space until being found by aliens (the old-school
plot device) When you wake up you are eased into the truth of your
situation by a "Friendly" (whatever that means) doctor. Your behavior is
taken as assumed to be the normative average for your species, and their
model of 21st century humanity is based on this assumption. Through
discussion/exhumed memories of your (presumed-dead) friends, a model of them
is created and you are reunited with them. (Possibly with a story
explaining how they were miraculously also "saved") Your reactions provide
feedback to correct the difference between your model of your friend and the
one running their simulation. (of course, with sufficiently good memory
scanning you wouldn't notice that this person is not exactly as you
remember) Given an initially convincing portrayal of your friend, over time
your own model of them would reflect their new/current behavior. Further
discussion of shared friends generates data to seed their reincarnation.
After the proverbial six degrees of separation, everyone you can remember
would be regenerated as simulated 'peers' - Surely any group advanced enough
to actually DO this can also infuse non-deterministic yet realistic
behaviors to cover the gaps in your memory and portray a convincing enough
representation of humanity that you may never learn that you are the only
"real" person from your time.

In this scenario, is humanity preserved?

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