Lexicon complaints or vaild issue?

From: Lucas Sheehan (lucassheehan@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 08 2008 - 15:17:37 MST

"True /Artificial Intelligence would bypass problems of biological
complexity and ethics, growing up on a substrate ideal for initiating
recursive self-improvement. (fully reprogrammable, ultrafast, the
/AI's "natural habitat".)" - John Smart

>From - http://sl4.org/wiki/SL4Lexicon/Recursive_Self-Improvement

If I am misquoting please let me know, it's a bit unclear from the
formating if its a Smart quote or not.

Anyway! Does that statement bother anyone else? I am taking issue
with the requirement to bypass the "biological complexity" and to a
lesser degree "ethics". Granted it appears to be a logical step in
thought based on our current tools and ability. We skip the
"biological complexity" by using our understanding of mathematics and
computers or more generally technological systems as our substrate.
However it seems self-limiting to state it in such an absolute way,
i.e. "True". Am I being overly critical or is this reasonable?


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