The Role of Intimacy in the Evolution of Technology

From: my singularity (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2008 - 01:57:16 MST


In this article, Georges Bataille's notion of intimacy will be
re-interpreted to show that it has a role to play in the evolution of
technology. The specifically human form of intimacy can be experienced
through the successful adoption of technological devices that have the
qualities necessary to fit in and work out in our life context. If they
manage to become part of our life, then we experience them as projections of
our psychophysical personality, and, as such, they escape our positing,
objectifying consciousness. Intimacy can be seen as the organizing principle
that shapes the evolution of technology towards an ideal end that promises
at least an approximation to the absolute intimacy that is unique to the




Tool Use As Just A Trick of the Mind


..lend some substance to demonstrating the logic of identifying transhumans
and AGI as humanity; successful tool use is identifying the tool as a
component of Self.

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