Re: Singularity Objections

From: CyTG (
Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 01:14:15 MST

"Resource limitation inherited from creators systems"
The universe we live in could be the computer (or whatever we want to
call it) that we as a created AI/Singularity run in/on, and its not
capable of handling (running) our imagined Singularity.

If the construct with wich we simulate AI is accelerating at moores
law(double the computation power every 18 months), who's to say the
simulation simulating us isnt picking up speed as well? Id be highly
dissapointed if it didnt and even so at a pace that we just really cant ..
are not equipped to wrap our heads around.

I still say, the best way to prove we're in a simulation is to go hunting
for bugs.

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