Singularity Objections: General AI, Miscellaneous

From: Thomas McCabe (
Date: Tue Jan 29 2008 - 13:38:14 MST

Religious objections

    * True, conscious AI is against the will of God/Yahweh/Jehovah, etc.
          o Rebuttal synopsis: Nowhere, in any holy text, is the
creation of intelligent life forbidden. If God/Yahweh/Allah/etc. had
wanted to forbid it, he certainly could have.

    * Creating new minds is playing God.
          o Rebuttal synopsis: Traditional Abrahamic theology suggests
that we are meant to try and follow in God's footsteps, although we
can never actually be God. It is not written, "Then God said, Let us
make man in our image ... in the image of God He created him"?

    * Computers wouldn't have souls.
          o Rebuttal synopsis: The AI having a soul isn't a
requirement for a successful Singularity.


    * There are so many different meanings attached that the term
Singularity has ceased to be useful. (Anissimov, Eliezer
          o Whoever said this is probably right. We need a new term. - Tom

    * We could achieve a Singularity without AI.
          o Copy of previous objection (uploading/BCI would be better?) - Tom

Validity of predictions

    * AI has supposedly been around the corner for 20 years now.
          o Rebuttal synopsis: Most of the people who work in "AI" are
focused on small, narrow facets of intelligence, such as chess playing
or video gaming. There has actually been quite a bit of success in
this field (remember Deep Blue?), but once a milestone is actually
achieved, it ceases to be "AI".

 - Tom

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