Re: Risk, Reward, and Human Enhancement

From: Adam Safron (
Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 09:48:17 MST

Or so the story goes... How instrumental was the dream? Would drugs
have allowed competing scientists to discover the structure before
him? I strongly doubt this. Think about the relevant problems as
much as possible. Read as much as possible from diverse sources. Try
to stay healthy and live a balanced life. These seem like more
reliable paths to scientific greatness.

On Jan 4, 2008, at 11:44 AM, Adam Safron wrote:

> That was a dream, which isn't necessarily an altogether different
> type of thing. Here Kekulé saw a snake eating it's own tail and
> then thought a ring-structure might explain the data. He was right.
> -Adam
> On Jan 4, 2008, at 11:24 AM, David Picón Álvarez wrote:
>> Wasn't the discovery of the chemical structure of benzene
>> supposedly mediated by a psychedelic experience?
>> --David.

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