JOIN: Lucas Sheehan

From: Lucas Sheehan (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2007 - 14:50:39 MST

Hello all,

   My name is Lucas Sheehan. I am a computer scientist with many
years of experience in a broad range of systems development, I am
currently specializing in high performance computing targeted at
scientific applications. Right now the physical sciences are my
predominant subject using large scale cluster systems and super
computing to preform complex weather prediction and weather simulation
runs. Intelligent systems are becoming more frequent in this field
for numerous reasons and as such have sparked my interest the concepts
discussed here. I have no more than a layman's introduction to the
concept of a Singularity or AI in general. I will be a quite listener
reviewing the archives as I educate myself. I look forward to reading
your posts. Oh and hi Mr. Sharp, I blame this on you.



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