Re: Compassion vs Respect; Exponential discounting of utility (was Re: Building a friendly AI from a "just do what I tell you" AI)

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2007 - 09:20:21 MST

I thought that bias was any of a variety of repeated tendencies away from
whatever decision would be the most rational, i.e., most likely to achieve
one's goals. Thus, if one of your goals is a comfortable lifestyle and being
employed helps with that, then staying employed does not consitute a bias.
But please correct me if I am wrong.


2007/12/11, Mike Dougherty <>:
> On Dec 11, 2007 5:15 AM, Joshua Fox <> wrote:
> > As you say, to the extent that the AI must interact with humans, this
> > makes sense for the AI. But beyond that, isn't this a bias, and therefore
> > less than rational?
> >
> What makes a bias less than rational? I have an inclination (bias)
> towards remaining employed in an effort to keeping my comfortable
> lifestyle. Is that really irrational?
> If by the term bias you are indicating an incompletely examined or
> misunderstood goal, then yeah that would be a problem. I imagine that an AI
> would be able to audit the computation states that give rise to its goals,
> no?

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