Re: How to make a slave (was: Real-life Friendliness?)

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Date: Tue Dec 04 2007 - 04:49:38 MST

On 04/12/2007, Aleksi Liimatainen <> wrote:
> Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
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> > Yes, but it's risky applying this analogy to the relationship between
> > AI and adult human. I don't want to be forced to do things on the
> > grounds that I am not intelligent enough to know what's good for me,
> > or even on the grounds that that is what I would wish to do were I a
> > more intelligent and better informed version of myself.
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> Children aren't too keen on obeying their parents either. How would you
> resolve the apparent double standard?

We draw a line (perhaps arbitrarily) when children are adults.
Obviously, not all adults are equally intelligent, prudent, wise etc.
and many adults make bad decisions. But freedom means the freedom to
make bad decisions. In some cases society considers it appropriate to
infringe on a person's autonomy "for their own good"; for example, if
a mentally ill person is about to jump from a tall building in the
belief that he will be able to fly like superman. But such cases are
the exception, and there is careful legislation in most countries to
ensure that abuse does not occur.

Stathis Papaioannou

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