Re: Posting to this list (was: Why friendly AI (FAI) won't work)

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 12:03:24 MST

> This is a good point. We should set up another list for explaining the
> literature, answering newbie questions, etc.

Until such a list is started, here is how I have handled interesting
questions that came to mind. It may work for other people too.

If I couldn't recall seeing discussion of a given question from the
literature I've read, and if I also couldn't find it by Googling
(including the archives), I would either regretfully leave the
question alone, or carefully post a query, apologizing all the way. I
would also state my willingness to receive answers by reference to a
URL. This would usually result in a response.

A subject-line prefix like "QUERY" for such questions would help too.


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