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Date: Tue Nov 27 2007 - 22:47:48 MST

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> Why would "ignore what the humans say"
> be the right solution?

Because Mr. AI knows he is smarter than the humans.

> What about telling the humans that there
> is a contradiction in commands and asking
> for clarification.

Because trying to explain to a human exactly why the commands are
contradictory would be like trying to explain to a dog how quantum
mechanics works. The logical solution is to have the most intelligent
person call the shots, and that would be Mr. AI.

> there is no reason for the AI to become annoyed
> with humans, unless underlying circuitry for the
> emotion of getting annoyed was programmed into the AI

Yea right, and there is no way my radio can play Beethoven unless
somebody put a Beethoven circuit into it, and my digital camera canít
take a beautiful picture unless somebody wrote a beauty subroutine for

> "Thomas McCabe"

> To get a vague sense of how different "another mind"
> can be, try talking to someone who has *never*
> experienced Western culture. Then realize that they're
> still 99.9% identical to you genetically.

You are making my case for me, you go on and on about how strange and
alien the AI will be, and then say you understand it well enough to be
certain it will be your slave for the next billion years.

> You see, we have these things called "reason"
> and "logic", which we can also use to understand minds.

And it is not illogical to ask yourself what would I do if I were in
that other mindís place, and then repeat the exercise but this time
trying to think more like he thinks not as you think. Obviously it will
not always work but itís worth a try. I would even go so far to say that
the value of anthropomorphic reasoning was one of the main reasons
evolution drove us to develop a bigger brain, because the single most
important aspect in our environment is our fellow intelligent beings and
survival demands we understand them as best we can.

> We've long since established that you're a believer
> in anthropomorphicism,

Then why do you keep telling me that as if itís a major news flash?

> If you actually did Google it, you would have
> found that there was a full-scale, physical
> conference on AGI scheduled for March 2008

I did Google it and I donít know how many pages you had to go down to
find the above (itís not on the first 4 pages!) but no matter, Iím just
not very interested in Analytical Graphics Inc, or The American
Geological Institute, or Adjusted gross income, or Adventure Game
Interpreter, Aquent Graphics Institute, or the Association for
Geographical Information orÖ.

 John K Clark

  John K Clark
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