Re: How to make a slave

From: David Picón Álvarez (
Date: Sat Nov 24 2007 - 12:58:04 MST

From: "John K Clark" <>
> No, although the issue of chaos, the idea that very small changes in
> initial conditions could lead to huge changes in outcome it yet another
> reason you will never be certain what an AI will do. But that wasn't
> what I was talking about.
> Even if you live in a universe that was completely deterministic and
> randomness did not exist, even if you discount chaos, even if you ignore
> the influence of the outside environment, I could still write in 5
> minutes a very short program that will behave in ways NOBODY or NOTHING
> in the known universe understands; it would simply be a program that
> looks for the first even number greater than 4 that is not the sum of
> two primes greater than 2, and when it finds that number it then stops.
> When will this program stop, will it ever stop? There is no way to tell,
> all you can do is watch it and see what it does, and randomness or chaos
> or the environment has nothing to do with it.

I can say when it will stop. It will stop when it runs out of memory. And
that moment can be predicted.


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