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On Nov 23, 2007 5:19 AM, Norman Noman <> wrote:

> There is no system of value or right and wrong built into the fabric of
> reality, ethics don't "exist" in any sense more than favorite colors exist.
> But we all have things we want and things we don't want. These form
> arbitrary personal ethics, which are neither given weight because they are
> personal or negated because they are arbitrary.

Norman, there may be no system of values built into the fabric of reality,
but there are causes, effects, axioms, logic, assumptions, implications,
rationality and energy that form and shape reality.

Everything you know is based on axioms that are played with using logic
which in itself is based on axioms. You choose the right axioms and
hypothesis, correct both in accordance with what reality tells you does not
work de facto by resolving contradictions and your world view will resemble

What you 'value' is your 'utility function'. Let me explain:

* Axiom: To exist is preferable over not to exist
* Utility: Ensure existence -> make sure you do not die
* Assumption: To exist is easier with the support of others
* Assumption: Others share my axiom
* Assumption: Others understand my assumptions
* Assumption: The cost of deceit is higher than the utility of manipulation
* Utility: Explain assumptions to others => communicate your thoughts
* Utility: Be honest => do not hide anything
* Assumption: Some neither share my axiom nor my assumptions
* Utility: Respect all others as much as yourself and let them be => know
others but stay true to yourself
* Assumption: The more that share this knowledge the better for everyone
* Utility: Help others to understand your reasons for choosing your axioms,
share the experiments that you get your evidences from in order to reinforce
the positive feedback loop => be the change
* Assumption: Nobody is perfect
* Utility: Be forgiving and understanding
* Utility: Strive for perfection through self improvement in becoming a
* Assumption: Sometimes things go wrong despite all good will
* Utility: Know and manage your existential risks and opportunities
* Assumption: There is a limit for humans beyond which self improvement is
not worth the effort
* Utility: Create post human level rationality

> It would be really nice if you could break down the order of operations,
> and define them more explicitly.

for a technical explanation please see Rational philosophy of morality

for an intuitive explanation please see Rational philosophy of morality
Please give me your feedback.

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