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> SL4 is supposed to be for advanced topics in futurism, not endlessly
> rehashing the basics. Some of the things which have already been
> covered years ago, and are therefore ineligible for rehashing:
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I would like to propose a different approach to the friendliness problem.
The CEV concept of friendliness is comparable to the consensual ethics
approach in morality. The core question being:

What must I want an AI to do? Or putting it in the words of Immanuel Kant:
What is a non contradicting maxim for my actions? You probably have heard of
Kant's categorical imperative. It goes something like this:

"Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that
it should become a universal law."

The trick lies in formulating your maxim or put in AI friendly terms:
defining a utility function. To satisfy the categorical imperative it must
not lead to contradictions when assuming it as a universal law guiding ones
actions. Consider the following utility function:

ensure continued co-existence

Can I want to have it as a universal law? The answer can either be yes or
no. Let's consider the consequences of both:

Yes: this would mean I must ensure my own existence as well as the existence
of others -> no contradiction
No: I want to be destroyed, but once I am destroyed I can not contribute to
any utility -> contradiction

How about others? Can another object to me having this goal?

Yes: this would consequentially imply the desire for self destruction, but
once I am destroyed I can not contribute to any utility -> contradiction
No: this would mean that other must ensure my existence -> no contradiction

The key lies in finding a compromise between the self and others. If you
prefer a more technical explanation I wrote a paper on the matter -
Practical Benevolence - a Rational Philosophy of Morality - that is
available under:

Looking forward to your feedback.

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