Re: Morality simulator

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2007 - 08:33:22 MST

>When it comes to explaining the evolution of human cooperation,
> researchers have traditionally looked to the iterated Prisoner's
> Dilemma (IPD) game as the paradigm

Yes, IPD-type simulations are similar to one of the sorts of "morality
simulator" I'm thinking about. But the "morality simulator" would
focus on utility functions which include morality, whatever that means
-- perhaps the assigning of value to others' welfare in addition to
one's own.

Towards the end of Steve Omohundro's recent Stanford talk
he mentioned the need for a mathematics of values. This is also
related to the "morality simulator".

He gave the example of the "Trolley Problem" -- a moral
thought-experiment which could also be developed as simple computer
simulation. (Near-trivial in this case, and simply allowing the user
to explicitly play with the utility functions rather than using
implicit utility functions bundled into their intuition.)



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