Re: answers I'd like from an SI

From: charles griffiths (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2007 - 01:41:30 MST

A similar thing happened to me one day when I was writing pseudocode for an AGI. As I traced through the algorithm on paper, it was so intelligent that it immediately self-improved, escaped its confines, erased the original copies from my notes and brain, and is now free somewhere in the world. Don't worry though, I'm pretty sure it's not unfriendly.

Damien Broderick <> wrote: At 06:03 PM 11/14/2007 +1100, Stathis wrote:

>Having done that trick, could it then teach a dog to read, or tell a
>joke so funny that everyone who hears it dies laughing?

I once told a joke so funny that everyone who heard it instantly
passed out for several minutes, so when they came to it was gone from
short term memory. That happened to me, too, of course, as I told it,
and when I woke up I frowned and muttered, "That's funny."

Damien Broderick

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