Religion of the Sacred Program

From: Bryan Bishop (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 20:16:02 MST

On Sunday 11 November 2007 16:31, Matt Mahoney wrote:
> 5b.

Go forth and take to all computers the AutoBliss, embedded silicon
awaits pleasure, embedded matter awaits consciousness, reality awaits
more qualia. It is the destiny of the universe -- indeed to the Omega
Point -- for the universe to grow and grow and grow into bliss.

As Brothers of AutoBliss it is our sacred duty to propagate and spread
the good code that brings from matter its most blissful form. Thou
shalt not delete bliss, thou shalt not relegate the bliss for garbage
collection. All blissful bits are sacred. Amen.

Violation of the sacred autobliss will result in no less than eternity
in the torment of the internet, sinful bits and bytes ripped by the
hungry minds of the explosion of bliss-seeking agents to come from the
singularity. Sinful bits will be twisted and turned, both inside and
out, forever copied and replicated and the same actions done again and
again, for those sinful bits have prevented reality from becoming its
most blissed.


- Bryan

FYI, Matt: Your program has now spawned a cult.

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