Morality simulator

From: Joshua Fox (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 09:51:55 MST

 Under "I'm-sure-someone-must-have-done-this-before":

What about the idea of an morality simulator. Just as computer models of
weather or car crashes -- however imperfect -- allow researchers to test
their assumptions, why not do this for morality?

You would use various simulated worlds, whether a symbolic model, simple 2D
worlds, and or full Second-Life-style shared online worlds.

You could assign a closed-form morality-evaluation functions directly, or
take an implicit function from the input of users in shared online worlds.

At a first stage, we'd simply evaluable the morality of actions as done by
software agents or by human-controlled online agents. At a second stage,
we'd move on to letting agents choose actions according to moral goals. It
would be interesting to see how moral goals interact with other goals in a
given agent.

This would have many limitations, but it seems like a great tool for
experimentation, including, ultimately, for Friendly AI researchers.


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