Re: Hacking your own motivational and emotional systems, how dangerous?

From: Robin Brandt (
Date: Thu Oct 25 2007 - 09:51:43 MDT

It seems as if I am able to have many different values and goals on
different levels, and that these can be very inconsistent indeed.
I would like to make them more consistent.
The most important thing being to replace my Darwinian supergoal with
a more high level ethical goal, consistent with my worldview, which is
of course somehow the product of my supergoal, but without having
replaced it. The fact that we are even able to think about changing
our supergoal is quite marvelous! Although we may be trapped in a box
to some extent.

Алексей: That is exactly one problem, how can we even trust ourselvs
while medling with such an important mechanism. Both regarding to
error and bias.

Byrne: That is the outcome you want, but it seems as if it would
follow naturally if your motivational system would be more consistant.
It´s not about chaning your conscious motivations, just about drilling
down some of your conscious motivations to a deeper level, thereby
gaining more control over your behaviour.

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