Re: The Meaning That Immortality Gives to Life

From: Harry Chesley (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2007 - 10:12:34 MDT

Agreed. However, even life in a 25-year-old body would get boring
eventually. But life with an expanding level of augmented intelligence
could stay interesting for a /long/ time -- I'll stop short of
"forever," since I assume intelligence tops out at some point.

(But if all you want is to stay happy, there are many easier ways: Larry
Niven's wireheads, for example (trickle current to the pleasure center
of your brain); or rereading that /really/ great book over and over,
erasing the memory of it in between. Stagnation, yes, but very happy
stagnation. This is my theory of why we haven't been visited by ETs:
most or all civilizations fall into the trap of just wanting to be happy.)

On 10/15/2007 2:23 AM, Stefan Pernar wrote:
> People associate a long life with getting old and getting old with
> getting frail and sick. They do not realize that they could live
> forever in the healthy body of a 25 year old.
> Stefan
> On 10/15/07, *Joshua Fox* <
> <>> wrote:
> For many people, the thought is not so much "I prefer death over
> immortal life," since they do not imagine that there is any
> practical possibility of the latter, but rather "let's find
> whatever good aspects there are in this completely inevitable and
> unpleasant thing."
> Joshua
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