New SIAI Interviews

From: Tyler Emerson (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2007 - 02:29:43 MDT

Our latest interviews are now online. We put a lot of work into each one,
and I hope it shows. You can stream online, view in high-res via QuickTime,
get the audio, or read the transcript.

This set includes seven of the Singularity Summit 2007 speakers:

* Dr. Peter Norvig, Google Director of Research and co-author of AI: A
Modern Approach
* Sam Adams, IBM Distinguished Engineer within IBM's Research Division
* Jamais Cascio, IEET Fellow and CRN Director of Impacts Analysis
* Dr. Ben Goertzel, SIAI Director of Research and Novamente CEO
* Peter Voss, Adaptive AI CEO
* Dr. James Hughes, IEET Executive Director
* John Smart, Acceleration Studies Foundation President

Please let us know what you think about the interviews. We'd appreciate your

Thanks to Doug Wolens for filming and editing, Tom McCabe for audio, and
Drew Reynolds for transcripts.


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