Re[2]: Is SETI dangerous?

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Date: Wed Sep 26 2007 - 10:02:40 MDT

I think it is not extremaly unlikely, because wavefront consists of two fronts actually: radiowave front and physical space ships front. If the maximum speed of the ships is 0.5 of the speed of light, and singularity is in Andromeda galaxy 2 million light years away, then the time between arriwing of two fronts is 1 million years.

So, may be we are already in the wave front for hundrets of thousands years, but we could detect it only after we create radioteleskopes.

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> On 9/26/07, Алексей Турчин <> wrote:
> > And not only self-reproducing, but preparing bases for colonization wave or preventing
> > other wave to use Earth as a base - are good goals. Also just exploring the universe.
> >
> > But self relicating wave has good chances to eat almost all resourses. So, the probability
> > to meet signal from selfreplicating wave are high.
> It seems extremely unlikely that us or any civilization is hit with an
> extrasolar Singularity Wavefront in the short period of time in which
> they have sufficient scientific and technological understanding to
> think about space travel, but have not yet triggered a Singularity --
> and the corresponding expanding Wavefront into space -- themselves (or
> self-destructed).
> On the other hand, it is of course not at all impossible that we have
> already been hit with an extraterrestrial Singularity Wavefront
> millions of years ago. Such a thing having happened might even be
> hugely probable, if we assume that we are not living in a simulation,
> but in a real universe. (Can anyone point to high-quality analysis and
> calculations available on this topic? I've never bothered to get
> familiar with the Drake Equation etc.)
> We might of course wonder, why it doesn't seem like a Singularity
> Wavefront has gotten here long ago... I would argue that the fact that
> our resources have not been converted to computronium, or whatever, is
> not surprising. The universe is so full of resources that many
> Singularity Wavefronts would probably mostly spare solar systems that
> have interesting biological evolution going on. I think I'd do that
> myself. *Not* doing that would be essentially equivalent to wanting to
> get hostile towards my fellow humans after our own possible
> Singularity, converting their small amount of matter into something
> more efficient.
> Otherwise, having been hit with an ancient Singularity Wavefront is
> essentially equivalent to living in a simulation. Like, the question
> of "Why is there nasty stuff going on?" is answered with "Either the
> intelligences running the show don't care, or then there actually
> isn't nasty stuff going on; you are just given that false impression."
> The false impression could in practice mean e.g. that every individual
> is seamlessly uploaded right before they would have a life experience
> they would not approve of in retrospect, and replaced with a
> philosophical zombie.
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Посетите мой Живой Журнал - и узнайте то, что я думаю прямо сейчас - и ещё то, что хотел сказать вам, но не успел :)

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