Is SETI dangerous?

From: Алексей Турчин (
Date: Tue Sep 25 2007 - 03:27:38 MDT

Is SETI dangerous?

Any supercivilisation, that reach AI, could send in space pieces of its own source code by radio. It will be like space viruses or trojans that will be executed by naïve early civilizations and replace them. Of course it will be not only plain code. At first it will contain video, where extraterrestrial will explain their language and promise a lot of benefits, if the code will be executed. Then the video will explain how to built simple Turing computer. This computer will create much more powerful computer and it will run the main AI code.

The main problem here will be that many states and organizations in the Earth will know that from specific point from space is coming intellectual signal. So there will be competition ? who first run the code and get all promised advantages. We have risk that at least one group decided that they could control the extraterrestrial code and run it.

As we have more and more powerful radiotelescopes, the possibility that we encounter extraterrestrial radio signal is growing and I think a large part of all extraterrestrial signals could contain vicious code, because self replicating is only good reason to send a lot of information in space. And it is a quickest way for supercivilisation to expand in the speed of light.

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